Additional Services

Postcode look ups

Don’t want to type full addresses?  We’ve got some postcode lookup options to save some time:

  1. Using data from Royal Mail, you get street level addresses automatically filled in, along with Wards, Boroughs and other administrative data.  Postcode lookups cost about 10p each for address information and a further 10p for administrative data.
  2. Using Open Data from Ordnance Survey, we’ve linked together different data sets to get some address data.  You don’t get the same level of address data, but you do get administrative data, and it’s free!
Text messages

Lamplight can send personalised text messages of up to 160 characters.  To do so you’ll need to buy some credits – prices vary depending on how many you buy but start at 10p for each individual recipient (ie a text message merged to 10 people will cost 10 credits – about £1).

Savings can be made by buying larger numbers of text credits as shown below:

50 99 10p
100 499 9p
500 999 7.5p
1000 4999 6.5p
5000 9999 5.5p
10000 19999 5p
20000 49999 4.5p
50000 149999 4p
150000 200000 3.8p
(Prices shown are excluding VAT and are correct at October 2014)