The publishing module lets you link information in Lamplight to your public website.  For example, you might want

  • a staff directory, pulled from the staffing information in Lamplight
  • a members directory of local voluntary organisations (especially for CVSs and the like)
  • a searchable directory of local services for people seeking support
  • a ‘what’s on’ listing of forthcoming events

You choose only what records to publish, and what information should be published, keeping you in full control of your data.  And you have full control over the presentation – we get you the data and you can integrate it however you like.

In addition, you can, if you want, accept data into Lamplight.  For example, you can allow people to refer themselves through your website, or book on forthcoming events, or update their profile information.

We’ve set up a whole website,, which gives some working examples and full documentation about how it all works.  It’s aimed at developers and other technical types to show them how to get the data out of Lamplight and on to your website.  (If you’re not technical: we’ve done all we can to make it really easy!).

If you want to use the publishing module, you’ll need a web developer to add it in to your website.  With the information from, it really shouldn’t take them long.