We all need a little help sometimes.  Lamplight comes with a range of support options to help you find your way.

Online help manual

Lamplight comes with a comprehensive online help system, with over 230 fully searchable pages and 200 screenshots.  The online help is customised to you, so that the language used is the same as in your system, and the modules you don’t use fade away.  You can also download the entire help system as a word document.


We’ve also produced a few guides – like our getting started guide – to help you with initial setup or other particular tasks.  There’s also our comprehensive implementation pack that we use when we’re helping you to get set up.

On-site training

We can come to you and deliver customised training sessions for up to 8 people.  We’re also happy to train you to train others to help you cascade the learning within your organisation.  See our services page for more info.

Phone and email support

We like to hear from our customers and we don’t want you getting frustrated, so we’d always prefer you to drop us an email or pick up the phone if you’ve got stuck.  You’ll appreciate that to keep our prices really low, we need to agree an amount of paid-for support if you need on-going or significant amounts of help.

It is now possible to purchase “bundles” of support credits which you can use as you need to. Each bundle contains three hours of support time which you use as and when you need to. Support can be offered over the phone, by email or as a Google hangout. Each 3 hour bundle costs £110 + VAT. The credits do not expire and so will roll over from year to year as long as you have an account with us.