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Is Lamplight right for us?

Choosing a database isn’t easy, and it can be hard to get (free) independent support. The best thing we’ve seen for a while is Charity Evaluation Service’s ‘IT for outcomes’ work, including an independent evaluation of the different services available.  They spent some time looking at and using demo versions of the different systems available, had a couple of in-depth conversations with the suppliers, and (I think) spoke to some customers.  We were obviously pleased to come out well!

There are also some resources on the ICT Knowldgebase, more around process and things to think about, rather than particular systems.

Otherwise, you could try talking to your CVS or local third-sector IT support organisations.  A word of caution, though – some suppliers (including us) have ‘partner’ schemes that result in a payment if the partner recommends a system.  And some organisations that provide advice also provide systems.  We don’t think there’s anything wrong with this as long as it’s all open and transparent – we list our partners here and expect them to tell you about the arrangement. (And incidentally we don’t have any relationships with the other people or organisations listed here unless explicitly noted).

If you want to pay for some help in choosing a system, we know Charities Evaluation Service and Simon Davey both do this sort of work, and have supported organisations who have approached us looking for a system.

We strongly believe that the best way to decide if a particular system is (or might be) right for you is to use it – contact us to arrange a demo of Lamplight.

Other support

Some of these might be useful.  We’ve not worked with most of these organisations directly so can’t really give recommendations beyond saying ‘we know they do it’ (though we like the look of what they do).

Choosing and Using Outcomes.Impact frameworks
  • CES (again!)
  • Fox Advising (one of our partners, but we don’t receive any payments from them)
  • NCVO (one of our customers)
Integrating Lamplight with your website

These are the developers we know of that have integrated Lamplight into our Customer’s websites.