Our approach

This is not an exhaustive list, but you’ll hopefully get some idea about us…

General things

  • We drink Fairtrade tea and try and consume sensibly (admittedly we drink quite a lot of tea)
  • We mostly cycle to the office and use public transport as much as possible (which is almost always).  We do as much as we can online.
  • We print on recycled paper, and only when we need to
  • We bank with the Co-operative Bank, on the basis of their ethical approach
  • We pay our taxes.  The first thing we’re told by Accountants is that the Directors (Matt and Sarah) could reduce the amount of tax we pay by reducing our PAYE salary and then paying dividends.  We don’t follow their advice: we do a job and pay ourselves as employees.

Our dealings with you

  • If we don’t think Lamplight will work for you, we’ll say so and suggest you look elsewhere.  (‘Appropriate technology’ is one of our mottos)
  • We’ll be up-front about what Lamplight can and can’t (and won’t ever) do
  • We’re completely open about our pricing, we’ll give you fixed quotes, and we stick to them.
  • If we think a new module, or some training, or whatever, might be of interest or helpful, we’ll gently suggest it.  But if we think you don’t need something, or if there are cheaper ways of getting the system you need, we’ll suggest that too.
  • It’s said elsewhere, but you own your data; you can have it any time, in full; and there’s no contractual lock-in.  We want happy customers (that said, it’s extremely rare for customers to stop using Lamplight once they’re up and going).