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Basic Training
How To Videos

Basic Training

Basic Training is a collection of videos aimed at new staff, to give them an understanding of how information is recorded in Lamplight. To get the most out of these videos we recommend that you view them in order–later videos build on the information contained in earlier ones. However, they can also be viewed individually by people who need a refresher in a particular aspect of the system.

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1. The Homepage and Diary 

An introduction to Lamplight, including explanations for each homepage tab, using the diary and how to search the system (2 videos).


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2. Profiles

Creating new profiles for people and organisations, adding contact details and data to custom fields, and using relationships (4 videos).

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3. Referrals

Understanding the referral record and how to enter new referral details into Lamplight (2 videos).[/lgc_column]



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4. Work Records

Creating, viewing and editing work (activity) records in Lamplight (4 videos).

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5. Outcomes

What outcomes are and how to record them in Lamplight (1 video).


How To Videos

How To Videos are collections of videos to help you to get the best from your Lamplight system. The collections include Personal Settings, Reporting, and System Admin.

Please click on the relevant box to take you to the collection you’re interested in. If there are specific topics that you’d like to see in these collections (or another collection altogether) do drop us a line at

How To Videos homepage



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Personal settings

A selection of videos including automatically adding yourself to work records, saving your email signature, and setting a header for your profile records.

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A focus on different aspects of reporting, including an introduction to group data views, creating a data view, an introduction to running reports and customising your table columns.

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System Admin

For people who have control over the back end functions of Lamplight. The collection includes creating report templates, adding new database operators, finding and merging duplicates, and adding locations and work areas.


You can also find help in our PDF Support Guides