Auto groups just got serious

One of the things that Lamplight users have asked us is the ability to use information in one type of profile as criteria for creating auto groups of another set of profiles.

As an example, parent profiles contain information about their employment status. You want to create an auto group of all children whose parents are unemployed. As long as the parents are connected to the children with a relationship you can now do this in Lamplight.

  1. Create an auto groups of all people/ users who have employment status as unemployed.
  2. Create a new auto group of all children who have the relationship family and related to the group ‘unemployed people’.
  3. The profiles in the auto group will be all profiles that are linked to another profile with the relationship family to someone who is unemployed.

Lamplight relationship auto groups

You can watch us talking about the new functionality in this video:

(From 4:05 – You can watch from the start to see some of the other recent changes to groups)