Charities Evaluation Service – new review of IT systems

Charities Evaluation Service have just published an ICT overview document helping voluntary organisations that are thinking about using a system to help with their monitoring and evaluation.

There’s some useful advice about how to approach this, questions to ask, resources you’ll need.

We’re also pleased to come out really well!  Fourteen different systems have been reviewed independently and Lamplight was (joint) highest ranked – and all but one of the others cost much more!  So Lamplight gets you as much as the more expensive systems out there.

This is the first time that we’re aware of that there’s been an attempt to assess and compare different systems.  Up til now we fairly frequently get asked “who are your competitors and why are you better” – which is always a curious question to be asked!  So we’re sure that this independent review will help organisations choosing a system.

(A bit more detail on the comparison: systems were ranked high, medium or low on flexibility, outcomes management, data security, and support.  Six of the 14 systems scored 3-high 1-medium, including Lamplight.  Twelve of those fourteen systems are in the ‘medium’ or ‘high’ cost bands.  Lamplight also has the second-shortest contract length at 3 months.  The research was carried out during Autumn 2010.)

The comparison document is here.