Congratulations to the Interlink Foundation

We got a lovely email from one of our customers today:

Interlink Foundation named as the first charity to win highest level PQASSO Quality Mark


We are delighted to share with you the excellent news that Interlink has been named as the first UK charity to be awarded Level 3 PQASSO Quality Mark by the Charities Evaluation Service (CES).

Interlink is honoured at this achievement, which reflects the commitment to quality and excellence that is shared by our member charities.  Orthodox Jewish organisations do outstanding work to reach people that need our services.  This award demonstrates that our sector can achieve the highest standards of effectiveness, professionalism and quality.

The PQASSO Quality Mark covers all aspects of how a charity works, from how it is governed to how it ultimately supports people’s lives. To achieve Level 3, Interlink had to provide robust evidence of effectiveness and undergo a rigorous external assessment. The Level 3 Award is endorsed by the Charity Commission as evidence of an organisation having met the hallmarks of an effective charity.

Mirella Andrew, from the Charities Evaluation Service, said:

“We want to congratulate the Interlink Foundation for their achievement. The PQASSO Quality Mark at level 3 is a challenging process to complete, it is designed to demonstrate a charity’s quality to funders, partners, local government and beneficiaries.

The Interlink Foundation is the first charity to be awarded at level 3. We hope that other charities will be inspired to work towards a quality mark and gain recognition for the services they deliver.”

An Award event will be hosted by MP David Lammy in the House of Commons in Spring 2014.

And we thought it’d be good to share the news!  Our congratulations to Chaya and all the team.

We checked if it’d be OK to share this news and they replied:

Of course you can share this.  BTW, our use of lamplight and its extension to our Manchester office was very important to getting this Award

It’s always really nice to know that Lamplight’s come in useful!