Lamplight is designed to help you work more effectively and more efficiently. We’re happy to say that our customers find it does just that!

This is what our customers are saying about Lamplight:

Carole Marsden, Endeavour

I also want to thank you for guiding us through the last few months.

We have really benefited from your approach and expertise – the combination of individual support in the early stages and helping all the team with the ‘building’ of this new system helped us get so much more from the implementation and training and made the whole process flow.

It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Chaya Spitz, Interlink Foundation

Our use of Lamplight and its extension in our Manchester office was very important to getting this Award.

[First charity to be awarded the highest PQASSO Quality Mark from CES]

Richard Frankland, Prospex

Lamplight is proving a fantastic tool for us and I only wish we had discovered it sooner!

Nora Mulready, Irish Elderly Advice Network

Thank you so so so much for this wonderful database. Seriously, we love it.

Lamplight is now used by close to 500 organisations. Some of those are small front-line organisations who use a single project to capture all the work they do. Some are consortia of infrastructure organisations who use Lamplight to collaborate and organise their services, while others are large multi-site organisations who use Lamplight across their services.

Here are just some of the organisations who use Lamplight:


25 Regional Mind Branches

Headway Guernsey

Bridge Trust

Castelnau Centre Project

Changing Lives in Cheshire

Cloverleaf Advocacy

The Interlink Foundation

OK Club

Roma Support Group

Streetwise Opera

The Winch