Flexible and Dynamic

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We know that no two organisations are the same. Not only that, we also know one organisation can change its reporting and data needs over time as new projects and funding streams come and go.

In Lamplight you can manage your database yourself, adding to and altering the system to meet your changing needs. You can have the system you need at a price you can afford.

Do you need new options in a dropdown list or to add a new field or a whole new tab to user profiles?

In Lamplight you can manage the content of your fields yourself, adding and changing options as you need to through the admin menu.

Have you started a new project with extra outcomes measures and reporting requirements?

If you’ve been presented with a whole new set of data you need to collect and outcomes you need to report you can simply add them to the database and they are available instantly. All the changes are also immediately reflected in the reporting and grouping functions.

Would it be helpful to record more than the system’s standard information in your referrals or work records?

Not only can you add to your users’ profiles, you can also expand the information you record in work, referral or communication records. You’re not limited to the standard Lamplight fields, you can expand and develop them as you need to.

Do you need to run complex reports across all (or some) of your work and outcomes broken down by multiple factors?

The standard reporting functions in Lamplight are impressive (we’ve been told – it’s not just us!). They enable you to build your own reports using multiple factors. This creates incredibly fine-grained reports drawing on information throughout your system. For example, if you need to see how many people scored 3 or above on an outcome measure and sustained that for 6 month, no problem. If you then want to see what work you did with those same people, what they had in common and what further change you saw in them in the same period, you can do it. The possibilities are enormous.

Not only that, the report functions are continually expanding as we receive feedback from our customers who want to get everything they can from their data.

Do you use specific terminology which you need to see in the database?

It’s possible to change the terminology in the system to reflect your own terms and phrases. For example, “service users” could be “beneficiaries”, “users”, “young people”. “Groups” could be “mailing lists” or “registers”….and so on.

Do you need extra functions you can’t find in the core system?

Just add new modules or new projects as you need them, scaling the system up and down to meet your needs and your budget.

Do you want to fit your database to your own organisation’s branding to help everyone feel at home?

You can upload a logo to the system and we can change your colour scheme when the system is set up. So, even though your system is “off-the-shelf” it can feel tailor made!