Join Us – Implementing and Training

Implementation and Training Project Manager

We’re all about giving charities the tools and skills they need to successfully manage their data, evidence their impact and ultimately strengthen their services. Our Implementation and Training Team are at the forefront of making this happen with Lamplight.

The Implementation and Training Team

We currently have eight Implementation and Training Project Managers and we’re looking for another to join the team. Led by our Head and two Deputy Heads of Implementation and Training, you’ll work closely with charities to understand their data needs, tailor their Lamplight system and train them on how to use it. This is often a significant change for charities, and you’ll need to be both analytical and have excellent interpersonal skills to help them on their digital journey. The end result is often transformative – we’ve been told “Lamplight is the heartbeat of our organisation” – and it’s exciting to be a part of this.

You’ll have a high level of computer literacy and be able to understand some of the challenges facing charities, and how digitising their data processes will support their work.

The Recruitment Process

We’re committed to inclusion and equal opportunities and to providing our employees with a work environment free from discrimination in which all can thrive. We’re working to build a team that reflects the rich diversity of the UK and are keen to welcome the new outlooks and insights you bring.

Step 1

Take a look at the details in the Implementation and Training Project Manager Job Description: (link)

Step 2

Fill out the application on the application portal. You’ll be sent a unique URL which you can use to log in and edit your submission at any time up to the closing date: (link)

We use the Applied skills-focused approach to hiring new team members which means the questions in the application form are all linked to the key skills we’re looking for. For example, if the role description says ‘Excellent communication skills’ we’ll look for evidence of this in your responses to the questions. For each question you have up to 250 words for your response, so make them count. If you feel you’ve given a complete response below the word limit that’s fine too.

The panel will not be able to see any identifying information or answers to diversity monitoring questions at the shortlisting stage.

Step 3

The recruitment panel will each score your application responses on the depth of understanding, appropriateness and comprehensiveness evidenced. We’ll add up the total scores and then use these to determine who to invite to interview. We hope to interview around 6 people.

If we don’t feel that we can offer an interview, we’ll notify you as promptly as we can (this can be dependent on the number of applications we’ve received), and we’ll let you know why. At the risk of cliché, up to now we’ve been really delighted at the quality of the applications we’ve received, and it’s often just that other people had a little bit more relevant experience etc. But if you’re putting in the effort to apply, we’ll make the effort to respond as fully and as helpfully as we can.

Step 4

If successful, two or three of us will interview you. We may also ask you to prepare a brief task related to the role, which we’ll give you about a week’s notice of. This shouldn’t require a lot of preparation, just a bit of thought. We will want to get a sense of your manner and approach and may be looking for particular characteristics in action – for example, an analytical approach, if that’s in the job description.

We’re delighted that you’d like to join our team and we look forward to hearing from you.