Modules add functionality to Lamplight, if you need it. These modules can be added to the core system at any time so you know that you have a future-proof system without feeling cluttered or overwhelmed in the short term.  The following modules are available:


The charging module allows you to charge for your services – ideal for training and events, direct payments, or allocating restricted funding.


All messages sent out are stored in the system giving you a complete history for every single recipient.  The communications module also allows you to do advanced mail-merges and create document templates to save you time and standardise your communications.


Capture survey style (often qualitative) data within Lamplight.  Advanced reporting lets you understand who’s telling you what.

Data Direct

Have your evaluation forms completed online – saving you data-entry time and a few trees.


Calculate how much every session costs you to deliver based on the type of service, the staff there, the length of the session and any petty cash expenses.  Managers can authorise expenses for payment, and work reports allow you generate see cost-per-head data.


The library module provides a ‘shared drive’ for your team to share documents, web-links, and other files.


The matching module allows you to connect people to opportunities they would like to apply for. People can register their preferences, and Lamplight will use these to identify possible matches.


The multi-media module will let you add pictures, video and other files to your records in Lamplight. You’ll have richer case notes and additional evidence of your work.


Selectively publish records from within Lamplight to your own website or elsewhere.  You can publish individual profiles (e.g. for a staff directory); organisation profiles (perhaps a member’s directory or a list of other services nearby); and work records (maybe advertise your training session) and accept bookings on to them.

Staff Management

Confidentially store staff contract information, absence, training and appraisals, and generate full timesheets.  You’re also able to run detailed staff reports.

Waiting lists

Create a manage multiple waiting lists, with automatic alerts and additional reports.

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