Knowing what you’ll have to pay for can be complex, so our approach to pricing is simple: no secrets and no surprises.

The table below shows the monthly cost of Lamplight for your whole organisation (we don’t charge per person).

Further down the page you will find the one-off set-up costs, where you can choose a package to suit you.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Monthly fee for Lamplight
  • All systems have the ‘Core’, then you can add any modules you need.
Monthly hosting fee for Lamplight

The base Lamplight system – enough for many organisations …[more]

Store and log communications with people and organisations …[more]

Record and analyse survey data …[more]

Collect survey responses online …[more]

Store documents, pictures, video about your work and users …[more]

Publish data from Lamplight to your own website …[more]

Manage and report on multiple waiting lists …[more]

Complete HR records integrated into Lamplight …[more]

Automatically calculate the cost of services …[more]

Calculate charges for those attending your services, and invoice them …[more]

A shared drive of links, files and data from Lamplight …[more]

Match people to volunteering, job or other opportunities based on interests and location …[more]


In Lamplight, a project is a self-contained system within the overall one. You decide what information is shared between your projects, allowing you to keep things confidential. You can keep records for multiple work streams within a single project, and this is enough for many organisations. Hosting costs are per month, per project.

How many projects do you need?
More details can be found here.

Set-up support

Set-up support can be provided if you need some help getting your system up and running. We offer six standard packages – read more about them here. Althought we normally offer site visits and on-site training as a part of our some set-up packages, due to Covid 19 we are currently offering online alternatives to these visits. Open training will also take place online. We are keeping this under review until further notice.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

You can set up Lamplight yourself, if you want to – the system admin section lets you do it all yourself. Recommended for those who have previous experience of configuring databases.

For those who are confident with databases, but would like a little support to ensure that Lamplight is optimised for their needs. You set up your system, and then we review it and make recommendations for improvements. Includes four individual bitesize online training places (each with a half hour training follow-up pack) as well as two hours of bespoke training for up to 4 team members. 

For smaller organisations who just want the core system and no modules initially. We set up the system for you following a series of phone calls. Includes two hours of bespoke training for up to 4 team members, and six online bitesize training places (each with an indidual half hour follow-up pack). 

For slightly larger organisations, or those who would like to include modules in their system. We set up the system for you through calls and online meetings (equivalent to one visit to you). Includes four hours of bespoke online training for up to four members of your team, as well as four individual online bitesize training places (each with a half hour follow-up support pack). There is also a three hour support pack with this package.

For organisations who need more help with set-up and want more team training on their own system once finished.We have in-depth online meetings (the equivalent of one on-site day at your organisation), then set up the system for you. We will provide your team with twelve hours of bespoke training on your new system to get you up and running, as well as eight places on online bitesize training courses (each of these comes with a half-hour follow-up pack). This package also includes a three hour support pack. 

For larger, more complex organisations, especially those with a number of projects or those sharing a system across partners. This package provides increased in-depth online meetings (the equivalent of two days on-site) before we set up the system for you. It comes with 20 hours of bespoke team training online, 16 individual online bitesize training places (each with half an hour follow-up training), and two 3 hour support packs. 

For really big or complex organisations who need more time and assistance to think about the detail of their data needs and set-up. We’ll hold a series of online meetings with you (the equivalent of 3 days at your site), set up the system, and then hold a total of 30 hours of bespoke team training sessions online. You also get 24 online bitesize training places (each with a half hour follow up training pack), as well as two 3-hour support packs. 

Data migration

Data migration is charged at £48/hour. There is a reduction of 10% for customers opting for a Spotlight setup, 15% for a Chandelier and 25% for a Lighthouse. We’ll give you a fixed quote once we’ve seen the data to be transferred.

Total monthly costs:

Total one-off costs:

What we don’t charge for

Basically, we don’t charge for anything that’s not listed above. In particular, some other suppliers might want to charge for you for some of the following items: we don’t!

  • No initial licence fee
  • No charges to add a field / change something or other – you can do it all within the system
  • No charges to get your data – you can download a complete backup of your data at any time
  • Want to upload your own data yourself? Use the data upload wizard for no charge
  • No termination fee or long contracts – after the first 3 months, it’s a one-month notice period
  • No charges for upgrades to the system – we’re always adding and tweaking the system – ask us if you want something added (although new modules do cost more, if you want them).

Our hosting fees have been remarkably stable over the years. We’ve been going since 2004, when the core system cost £10/month. It went up to £15 when we stopped making SSL optional (but it cost us a bit more to provide). So while we obviously have to reserve the right to increase our charges (with due notice), we think our track record shows you’re not going to get gouged for more money than you were expecting a few months after signing up.