Starlite: Using the Outcomes Stars in Lamplight

outcomes_star_triangleWe’re very pleased to announce that Lamplight is now a recognised software supplier for the Outcomes Star.

We’ve been working with Triangle to ensure that organisations who’ve signed up to use the Outcomes Star can use the Stars in their Lamplight System with confidence. You’ll have all the benefits and features of the Lamplight System with a trusted Outcomes Tool. And you’ll still be able to record all your other outcomes measures and evaluations alongside.

Organisations capturing their Stars on paper can input that information into their Lamplight system and then use Lamplight’s powerful reporting tools to put that data into the context of the rest of their work. We’re calling this the Star-lite approach.

What do we get?
  • Clickable radar diagrams for each Star you use
  • Playback animation to watch the change unfold
  • View the descriptors for each point in the client’s profile when you view their Stars, so their journey of change is clear.
  • Locked set-up so the integrity of the Stars can be preserved
  • Aggregated reports by custom fields, work, date ranges and groups.
  • Aggregated reports showing average change, number of people with change, average time for a point of change and more
  • Exciting infographics
  • See lists of people with particular scores, or who have maintained those scores, and then report on what work you did with them and what other outcomes they achieved.
  • Keep your outcomes and case management in one place
  • Much more…
What will it cost?

You’ll need a Lamplight System set up with all the features and modules you need. The prices for that can be found here but it starts from as little as £15/month.

You’ll also need a license from Triangle to use the Stars in our system and have done the Outcomes Star training. The licence account fee costs £330/year and includes 16 licenses (£16.50 for each additional licence). Details of training and support can be found here. There’s a reduced rate for small implementations.

How do I sign up?

Lamplight can turn your Outcomes Stars on once we have notification from Triangle that your licence is in place. You just need to speak to Triangle about which Stars you need and how many workers will be using them.

I’ve got some suggestions…

We’re always happy to have feedback on how the system is working for you so do stay in touch about your thoughts on how the Lite version works for you.