Summer 2013 updates to Lamplight

It’s been a busy spring and summer here in Lamplight Towers; developing new functionality and putting some of your suggestions into practice.

Hopefully you’ve already seen these changes on the log in page but in case you haven’t, here’s a summary of some of them:

General changes

  • Search by ID numbers – type a profile, work record or any other kind of ID number in the search box and the corresponding record will come up.
  • Last person to edit fields – if you hover over a custom fields you can now see who the last person to edit it was.
  • Reverse inverse relationship direction – if you’re using relationship inverses then you can now reverse them easily in profiles, from the context menu.

Your personal settings

There are lots of things that you can change about how you use and view Lamplight in your personal settings. Some new features include:

  • Use group data views on my users tab and in profiles – set the data views up and then choose them from a drop down list in your personal settings.
  • ‘My page’ and recently viewed profiles – new elements to choose for your personal homepage.
  • Default tab view in profiles – change which is the first tab you see when you open profiles.
  • Work record search bar in profiles – filter work, evaluation, outcome etc. records you see in profiles by turning this search bar off or on.
  • Save personal view of columns on tables – choose what you view by default in tables.
  • Work record default values – if you regularly choose the same workareas, locations and times then set up a template work record.


  • Customise mailing labels address block – set up a default address block in the global settings.
  • Testing and saving draft communications – you can now save communications as you go along and send out test ones to your email.
  • MailChimp – you can now integrate Lamplight to the bulk newsletter software MailChimp. This update has its own post.


  • Waiting list ‘target time’ – people over the target time are highlighted in bold red, and the number of people over the target time are displayed in the waiting list report.
  • Referrals and grants custom fields – set these up in your admin section.

System admin tools

  • Delete all data – if you need to completely remove data about people and work from your system then you can now delete them yourself. This data cannot be recovered, even by Lamplight.
  • De-duplicator tool – search for and deal with duplicate profiles. Information about the de-duplicator has its own post.
  • Geo-coder tool – add location data to your contact details.

Groups/ lists/ mailing lists

  • Auto group auto-description – your auto groups will now show the criteria that have been selected to create them. For old groups you’ll need to edit and save for the criteria to show.
  • Lock groups for editing – ensure that other people can use but not change your groups.
  • Auto groups using relationship to another group – You can now use the information that you have about one set of profiles (e.g. organisations) to create an auto group of people with a relationship to it. There is more information about this update in its own post.
  • Improved work criteria auto groups – there is now more flexibility to create auto groups based on attendance at work records.
  • Profile creation date auto groups – use the date that a profile was created as a criteria in auto groups.
  • Group by outcome change – use points of change as criteria in auto groups.

There is more detail about all of these updates on the Lamplight log in page.