Core System

Lamplight is based around a core system with all the functions you need to improve your efficiency and monitor your impact.  There is lots of flexibility to set up the system to reflect what you do. Your work, your information, your way.

At the heart of the core system are three types of information: who you work with, what you do, and the difference it makes.

Who you work with

Every person or organisation you work with has their own profile, containing contact details, background information, a record of your involvement with them, and more.  You can configure these profiles to store only the information you need, in the format that you need it.

The work you do

Every piece of work (one-to-one or group work) that you do can be added, so that you have a full record of the services you’ve delivered, who was there, and what happened.  This gives you a full case history on your user profiles, and is the basis for the advanced reporting available on your service provision.

The difference it makes

The point of a charity is to make a difference to the people or organisations you’re working with.  Lamplight lets you set up your own indicators to track change over time.  This gives your front-line staff an in-depth understanding of the situation of your clients, and how that’s changed over time. And by putting it all together you get in-depth reports on your impact.


Outcomes are built in to the core of Lamplight, and features industry leading technology that lets you ‘draw’ your data into the system, alongside detailed case notes.


Summary of the Core system

The core system has been created through our work with many different voluntary sector organisations and contains the functions most commonly needed by small to medium-sized organisations. These are:

  1. Case management
    • Keep full user details
    • Record full details of work and outcomes
    • Add and edit your own fields
    • Set security clearance levels
    • Record key relationships (case worker, GP, relatives etc.)
  2. Diary
    • Fully interactive diary with drag and drop functions
    • Automatically updating
    • Set reminders
    • Manage your day to day tasks from the diary page
    • Room booking
  3. Communication
    • Create automatic mailing lists
    • Mail merge letters and emails
    • One-click mailing labels
    • Email to those with email address, send letters to the rest with one-click
    • Format your letters and emails as you need to.
  4. Accurate Monitoring and reporting
    • Attendance and outcomes reporting
    • Attractive graphical displays
    • Print or export reports for further editing
    • Specify your own monitoring criteria
  5. Funders
    • Record full details of funders
    • Set reminders for applications or reports
    • Record applications made and grants received
  6. Search
    • Fully searchable data
    • Search facility on every page
    • Live search searches as you type
  7. Staff and volunteers
    • Set staff clearance levels
    • Record staff contact details
    • Record key relationships (case worker, funded by, volunteer)
    • Keep track of staff training and qualifications
Build the system you need

As your needs grow and change you will need a system that can grow with you. Lamplight has a number of additional modules that can be added to the core system as you need them. They can be added at any time so you can know that you have a future-proof system without feeling cluttered in the short term.

You can build your own system and find out what it would cost using our pricing calculator or contact us to find out more about what else the system can do.