Lamplight and the GDPR

See Our Factsheets For Advice On How To Use Lamplight To Help You Comply With The GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the legal framework for data protection in the EU, which came into force on in May 2018. It is similar to the existing Data Protection Act 1998 but adds further requirements.

You will need to think about whether you need to update any of your practises to ensure that you are meeting the requirements for GDPR. Once you have reviewed your obligations and processes, you need to be sure that your database system will allow you to meet the duties that you have. Lamplight will help you to do this in a number of ways.

Lawful Basis of Processing


  • Lamplight is highly flexible and customisable. There are a number of built in fields which allow you to restrict how information is used by the system (e.g. prevent emails or mail-outs). It is also possible to add custom fields to capture more fine-grained consent information.

Individual Rights

Right of Access

  • If a client or service user makes a subject access request then it is possible to download information held about the client in various ways. How this is done using your system depends on how it is set up and the type of work you do. We will be providing a factsheet with more details on how to do this shortly.

Right to Rectification

  • If you receive a request to rectify the data you hold on a client, then it is easy to find and edit that client’s details provided you have the right access levels to the system to make those changes. Those requests can be logged in the system as communications if you have the communications module or in custom fields in work records. We are currently working on a module that will log all the actions you take in Lamplight so you can track these changes and we will update this page once it is available. If you are looking at Cyber Essentials, you may well need this module when it is launched.

Right to Erasure

  • It is possible to archive data and permanently delete data from the system. When deleting data you can choose how much or what types of data to delete from those profiles. For example, just delete names and addresses while leaving the details of the work that has been done or referrals that have been made.

Right to Restrict Processing

  • You can restrict processing for a particular profile through their profile page. More information can be found in our information sheet on restricting processing. Please email to request a copy.

Right to Data Portability

  • Profile information can be downloaded from Lamplight in a CSV format either directly from the relevant table or using data views of a single profile. We will make a factsheet available with more information on this process.


  • You can find more information on how your data is stored and backed up on the system security page.
How Lamplight is Preparing for the GDPR

Lamplight has been making a number of changes as we get ready for the GDPR so that both we and you can feel confident that Lamplight will aid you in your compliance.

We will be:

  • training key staff
  • working towards Cyber Essentials certification
  • seeking ISO27001:2013 certification
  • updating the implementation workbook and producing some advice about your use of Lamplight
  • updating support materials to help you use the functionality that’s already there in Lamplight to enable you to fulfil your responsibilities

We are aware that compliance with the GDPR is an on-going process and will be keeping the guidance and changes to legislation under review.

For you, the GDPR will extend beyond your use of Lamplight, and we’d strongly recommend that your organisations consistently reviews it’s policies and practices to maintain adherence.

Further resources

– Information Commissioners Office

– NCVO KnowHow NonProfit gives a good overview and links to resources (e.g. sample policies etc). They also offer training on data protection.

– The Institute of Fundraising have an information page on Get Ready for GDPR

– Your local CVS or Local Authority may also be able to help you.