The invoicing and charging module is aimed at organisations that need to charge for their services – whether that’s the people attending or other funders.

You can set up rules that tell Lamplight how much to charge, and who should pay. For example, you can set up rules that:

  • charge attendees at training sessions or events
  • give discounts for early-bird bookings, or penalise late cancellations
  • charge different amounts for different services, based on what it is, how long it lasts, staff present, and resources used
  • charge for ‘consultancy’ – set up charge-out rates for different staff members and bill by the hour(*)
  • apportion funding – invoice funders for work with particular people/organisations based on their characteristics
As always, our aim is to provide incredible flexibility and power while being easy to use.  So your system administrator can initially set up rules that are as complex as you need – so that when you come to use them, you just choose from a short list and Lamplight does all the complex logic and maths.
You can then see the charges due from different people in their profiles, and batch these in bulk or individually to export them to your finance package ready for invoicing.
(*) using individual charge-out rates requires the staffing module.