The matching module allows you to connect people to opportunities they would like to apply for. People can register their preferences, and Lamplight will use these to identify possible matches.

This is a suitable module for those managing:

specialist support;
personal assistants/caring.

Module Features

If you’re matching people together, in a caring situation for example, you add a profile for each person involved. You also enter either their requirements or preferences. The matching function can then identify matches looking at a number of different criteria, for example location, interests and availability.

If you are using the module for employment/volunteering opportunities, it’s also possible to publish them to your website.


You can run a variety of reports on your matching opportunities, including:

the number of matching opportunities registered/requested;
number of successful placements/matches made;
the number of different people involved.

You can also use other information from Lamplight, for example demographic details, to break the reports down in different ways–by gender or ethnicity, for example.