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The System

Lamplight is an online database system designed to be scaleable and flexible. You set the fields you need. You choose the modules that will suit you best, and you can scale the system up or down as your organisations grows or your needs change. The system is built around a core system that has all the basics that a small to medium-sized organisation needs to get started with their database.  You can then build up your perfect system by adding any one or more modules.  

Quick Pricing

Lamplight costs from £15 per month + VAT.  Lamplight is modular – you only pay for what you need.  There is no up-front license fee at all, and no long lock-in period. We can help you get set up – packages start at only £600 + VAT – depending on how much support you’d like. Our pricing calculator will help you to work out what it will cost you.

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