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We see no charity as too small, too niche or too new to harness the power of data with confidence. You do amazing work, and with the right database you can reach those who need you with greater efficiency, enhanced clarity and less stress.

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We listen to your unique needs so your Lamplight database captures the data you need.

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Together we build your Lamplight database and train you to use it with confidence.

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You can work with clarity and efficiency as you evidence your incredible impact.

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Create Personal Profiles

Securely store the personal details of service users, staff, volunteers and organisations.

Record Work

Record and detail the services people access during their journey with you.

Track Referrals

Keep track of referrals in and out of your organisation.

Measure Outcomes

Measure the impact you have over time on people's health, wellbeing and welfare.

Report Clearly

Report on your services to trustees and funders with ease and confidence.

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Don’t wait any longer to escape unhelpful data systems and transform the way you work. We understand the challenges of running a charity and we’re ready to help you save time and evidence your incredible impact as you reach those who need you most.

Lamplight is proving a fantastic tool for us and I only wish we had discovered it sooner!
Richard Frankland
Thank you so so so much for this wonderful database. Seriously, we love it.
Nora Mulready
Irish Elderly Advice Network