The System

Securely online, keeping all your information up to date and in one place

Data handling with Lamplight improves your workflow and enables comprehensive reporting. You’ll capture the work of your whole organisation making it easier to monitor activity, access and share information and run reports.

‘We are working smarter, not harder, it is saving us time and reducing our risk.’

Brighter Opportunities for Special People (BOSP)

Key features


Organise your own personal diary and see the commitments of your colleagues on the team diary.

Personal Profiles

Securely store the personal details of service users, staff, volunteers and organisations.

Record Work

Record and detail the services people access during their journey with you.

Track referrals

Keep track of referrals in and out of your organisation.

Measure Outcomes

Measure the impact you have over time on people's health, wellbeing and welfare.

Report Clearly

Report on your services to trustees and funders with ease and confidence.


Set contact permissions and send emails using details held in Lamplight.

See cases in real-time

Access up to date information about a person or organisation's journey with you.

Monitor Activity

Get an overview and detail of services, staff involvement and session attendance across your organisation

So What?

Good data in a great system makes a real difference. Tanya from Service Six explains what impact their Lamplight system has made to them, and the young people they work with.

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Add extra functionality

Lamplight has a powerful core system but you can choose to enhance your system with our wide range of optional modules. We can talk you through our modules and whether they are right for you.

Certified Secure

Lamplight has been audited by the BSI and awarded the ISO27001:2022 certification. This tells you that our systems and controls comply with the accepted international industry standards – keeping your data safe and secure.

What does this mean for you? Happier funders  -some require it. Happier service users – reassured their information is safe. Happier trustees – one less thing in the risk register. Happier staff – trusting the system they’re using.

User Access

Decide which ‘operator role’ each member of your team has, determining their level of access and what they can see and do.


Lamplight has the functionality for you to comply with GDPR requirements. Full security information here.

Self contained systems

You can have more than one self-contained system which can be used if you have one service that is particularly sensitive e.g. counselling, have several branches or work with partner organisations.

Extra security features

Add two factor authentication, password policies and login policies to increase the security of your system to suit your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speak with our team and have your questions answered

Yes, you will decide which ‘operator role’ each member of your team will have, and this determines their level of access and what they can do in Lamplight.

Yes, you can save multiple and customised report templates, ready to run anytime as well as running ad-hoc reports. 

Yes, you can have as many customised outcomes as you need in Lamplight. Standard, licensed measures such as Outcomes Stars are also fully compatible in Lamplight. 

Lamplight is built to be able to adapt as your needs and priorities develop. Additional modules can be added to bring further functionality and you will have full system administration control to independently make changes to your system over time. 

Yes, you can create tasks as part of a work record or add it directly to your diary, or someone else’s.

As it is a cloud-based system you can access Lamplight on any device so long as you have connection to the internet. You can limit some or all staff to when and where they access Lamplight from.

I can’t stress enough how vastly improved our data records and reporting are as a result of the Lamplight system. To have a bespoke system designed for our project is a dream!!!
Project Hope Leeds
We’ve had a fantastic experience with Lamplight as a provider and are very happy with the database – every day I feel grateful that we have it!
Soundwell Music Therapy Trust