We’ve been helping charities manage their data since 2004.  What started with a few small organisations in North London has become rather more: we now work with around 600 organisations all across the country.

We are a small, private company. We have various experience in the voluntary sector, as employees, trustees or volunteers.

Many years ago Matt worked in a youth club, and every term would have to compile all the statistics, which meant sitting down with a big pile of membership forms, a big pile of registers, some spreadsheets and some tally charts.  Three days later he’d emerge… only to have to repeat it, perhaps slightly differently, for the next funder.  Matt was also in charge of the IT budget – then £300 a year(!).  So a couple of years later Lamplight was born: to provide an efficient database system that supported day-to-day work and made reporting easy – with a price structure that would fit in a £300/year budget.

This is still what drives us: we want to provide the best system on the market at the best price, accessible to even the smallest organisations but flexible and powerful enough for the biggest.

To find out more about what we do and who we are just get in touch.