We Know Affordability Matters

Lamplight is designed for charities and we care that you only pay for what you need


Core System

The core system is tailored to your precise needs and includes the key features you need to save time, increase your efficiency and evidence your impact.

Projects In Lamplight

It is possible to have more than one project in Lamplight. These self-contained projects are used when you need to keep some of your data securely separate from the rest but want to be able to report on it all together.
Not all organisations will need more than one project and you can talk to us about your requirements.
Typically, customers use projects when they have one service that is particularly sensitive e.g. counselling, have several branches or work with partner organisations.
Some larger organisations also use multiple projects for different teams or service areas, to help keep their system tidy.

additional modules - trial free for 1 month

Evaluations £5 per month (+VAT)

Data Direct £5 per month (+VAT)

Waiting Lists £5 per month (+VAT)

Communications £5 per month (+VAT)

Publishing £5 per month (+VAT)

Multimedia £5 per month (+VAT)

Audit Module £5 per month (+VAT)

Staff Management £5 per month (+VAT)

Matching £5 per month (+VAT)

Expenses £5 per month (+VAT)

Charges £5 per month (+VAT)

Library £5 per month (+VAT)

Our Most Popular Modules


Let's you enter evaluation data more easily by mirroring the surveys and questionnaires you use to gather feedback from those accessing your services. Report on what you gather.

Data Direct

Automate your evaluation forms as well as responses to questions that inform outcomes over time. This goes directly into Lamplight for analysis and reporting.

Waiting Lists

Let's you keep track of people on waiting lists and automatically removes people once they begin to access the service they have been waiting for.


Keep records of your communications along with your other case notes, run ad hoc and regular reports, send SMS and create templates for your routine e-mails and letters.


Accept data into Lamplight from your website so people can book on events, refer themselves or update their profile information direct. You can also link information from Lamplight to your website such as up and coming events.


Let's you enrich your case notes with pictures, videos, and other files including Flickr photos and YouTube videos. Upload scanned documents to have them all in one place.

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