A New Screen Sharing Option for Help and Training

Here are Lamplight we’re always keen to find ways to make your experience of our system better, and support easier.

We’re rolling out a new option for some support calls and other planned meetings which allows you to share your screen with us. We’ve wanted to do this for a while because it means that when you have a problem you can show us exactly what is happening, but we never want to ask you to download new software onto your system, or create an account with a third party service.

We’ve now found Amazon Chime. To use it, we can create a unique web link which you open in a new web browser tab. We can then share screens, either showing you what is on our screen, or asking to see yours. There are no downloads or extensions to add, you don’t have to login to anything (you just type in your name and click ‘next’), and we can only ever see what you show us. We can’t access your data independently, nothing is recorded or stored, and we cannot take control of your system. Once the session ends so does the screenshare.

We will only ask to do this when we think it would be useful in resolving your issue, or for showing you something in Lamplight. It will always be your choice whether we do this or not. If you do want to, we will email you with details of the web link. And we won’t contact you out of the blue and ask – this will always be in the context of a question you’ve asked us, or on-going implementation or training.

We have been trialling it over the last few weeks and it has worked well, helping us to resolve issues faster and make training sessions more interactive.