Introducing Create Activity Templates

Are your team having to enter lots of the same data over and over? Can it get a bit frustrating creating work records or sending emails?

Create activity templates fill in most of the form for you, so you can spend time on the important details.

Templates are available to everyone in the team and will save them time, and reduce errors in data entry.

Create templates for work, referrals, outcomes, grants and communications – brings mail merged email sending down to two clicks.

System admins create templates in the ‘Templates’ section of system admin, and then you’ll have them available wherever you can create a record.

And if you use tasks and frequently create the same ones, you’ll love the variable dates in tasks. Type in ‘+2 days’ in the date, and when you come to use the template it’ll set the date from the date of the record. Reminders for follow ups and so on just created themselves!

In this video Matt quickly sets up a template and shows their use:

Create activity templates are available now as part of the core system – get started now!