Case tab update 6/12/2018

Over the last few days we have updated the case tab in profiles.  We know this hasn’t been entirely smooth for everyone, and we’re sorry if you’ve experienced any disruption.  A further update this morning has resolved most of the outstanding glitches, and we’ll be continuing to monitor and update over the next days.

The changes we’ve made are very significant at our end, but at this stage there have not been any major changes to what you’ll see.  Having made these changes, we are in a much better position to make further changes that will improve the functionality around cases which you will notice.

The biggest change for now is the way the tab loads.  Previously, all the cases and all the records in all the cases were loaded in one go; with larger numbers of records, this got very slow.  Now, the records for a case are only loaded when you click on a case button on the tab.  This means the servers only have to get the data that you need, and particularly for customers with lots of data, you should notice the speed improvements.

The updates this morning:

  • restored workarea colour coding
  • restored the ability to add records to a closed case
  • restores the ‘show files’ popup
  • restores summary text for referrals in the table