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Chandelier Set-up Package

For larger teams up to 24 people with complex requirements

Who is it for?

The Chandelier package is perfect for larger non-profits with more complex requirements.  

You expect to have up to 24 end users of the system once it’s all up and running.

You already have quite a lot of data. It may be in multiple systems that have grown over time, with little connection between them.

You have a number of services and need to ensure that everyone can access the data they need. You need several Lamplight modules, and may need have tighter data access restrictions. 

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"The positive impact of the system has been huge, particularly to how we store and access information about clients and our services. It is now much easier to access information, and we have saved a considerable amount of time this way. "

How does it work?

1. We Listen

Your expert Lamplight Implementer will work closely with you to fully understand your organisation and your requirements. We work through all your forms and reporting requirements.

2. Build

We use our in-depth knowledge of Lamplight to build a system for you to meet your requirements .

We'll then review it together to make sure you're happy.

3. Go live

We'll plan the training of your team with you. We do any data migration needed, and then off you go

Your Implementer will stay in touch over the next months to make sure everything is running smoothly, and there's plenty of on-going support after that.

What's it like working with Lamplight?

Hear from Tanya Costantino, Business Support and Development Manager at youth charity Service Six, about their experience working with Lamplight.

Unsure if this is for you?

We can talk through the options

"We’ve had a fantastic experience with Lamplight as a provider and are very happy with the database – every day I feel grateful that we have it!"

What's Included?

A dedicated Lamplight Implementer

Your Implementer will accompany you through the whole journey. They will immerse themselves in what you do and get to know you and your team. They’ll make sure the project stays on track, using a dedicated shared workspace that you’ll have access to at all times. 

In-depth Team Consultation Sessions

We’ll schedule a series of in-depth online team consultation session with you to make sure that everyone is on-board, and that we’ve got all the information we need to build your system.

Full setup and configuration of your system   

We’ll setup a fresh Lamplight out of the box and completely configure it to your requirements. There’s a lot to think about to make sure that information is in the right place to support your day-to-day work and get your reports out when you need them. We do all that thinking for you. Long-term you’ll want to understand some of the system admin nuts and bolts, and we’ll show you how. 

46 Team training credits

We’ll design a training programme for you and your team to make sure you are all confident with your day-to-day use of the system. Typically this will be:

  • eight 2-hour training sessions with your team on your new system
  • two places on a full-day record reporting course.
  • six places on various bitesize training courses
  • individual tutorials with team leaders.

We suggest that this is spread out, with the initial team training prior to go-live, and other training over the following months as things settle down and you have more data to report on.  

6 hours of personalised support time

There are hundreds of pages of fully searchable help pages built in to your system, and hours of free videos, to help you develop your skills using Lamplight. But sometimes you need to ask someone. The Chandelier package includes 3 hours of support time for a Lamplight expert to answer your questions. You can use these whenever you like – they don’t expire.

Discounts on Other Services

You’ll receive a 10% discount on any data migration we do, and a 5% discount on the Account Manager service after your implementation is complete.

What's the investment needed?

Your project team will need to spend a few hours per week during the implementation phase to keep the project on track. This is an average – it will depend a lot on how much preparation work you’ve done already.

The Chandelier implementation package costs £8,700 + VAT. 

How long will it take the new system to save each team member 10 hours? That’s about how long it’ll take your setup to pay for itself. 


What modules can I Add with this package?

We can set up any combination of modules with the Chandelier package.

What about multi-project systems?

A ‘Project’ in Lamplight is a separate section of your database. It has it’s own settings and data, and someone with access to one project may not have access to others. They are useful if you have some highly sensitive services (e.g. counselling) and others that are not so. They can also be useful if you have multiple sites and need to keep things separate.

How does the setup process work?

The setup process is in three stages: hearing from the experts (you); customising your system; and then going live. This is broken down into a series of steps which we’ll work through at an agreed pace.

Flowchart showing implementation process from getting started, through to customising the system, to go live

To support the process you’ll have access to a private Sharepoint site where you can access your implementation workbook; upload documents for us; and access resources to help you succeed.

What about our existing data?

We can bring that across for you. We’ll look at what you have and what type of data it is, and give you a quote to import it into Lamplight. The amount can vary tremendously, from a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

To reduce the cost, we’d strongly recommend that you carry out some pre-migration cleaning up. Remove data tables, columns and rows that you no longer need – as a general rule, the more columns there are, the longer it takes and the more it will cost. And we can’t really do data cleaning for you, so you may want to make a start on that.

It is possible to import simple profile information into your system from a csv yourself, if you want to.

How does training work?

We know that different organisations have different training needs, so we’ll build a training package with you for your team. For the Chandelier package we might suggest 8 team sessions initially, and then follow up places on various courses.

Your package includes 46 training credits, which can be used on different styles of training – bespoke team training for you; attendance on more advanced courses; individual consultations and so on.

We run a range of training courses throughout the year which anyone in your team can attend. There’s also many hours of free training videos in the hub, a regular free “new starters” webinar for new staff, and a comprehensive manual.

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Unsure if this is for you?

We can talk through the options