Demonstrate achievements and support effective keywork with Outcomes Stars TM

We take a look at the uses and benefits of Outcomes Stars from Triangle and highlight the new sector-specific Stars that have been added to the wide range already available.

What are Outcomes Stars?

Outcomes Stars are evidence-based, sector-specific tools for co-creating and measuring change when working with people.

Importantly, each is underpinned by growing psychometric research evidence that demonstrates the validity and reliability of the Stars across a range of sectors which now include the updated Home Star, Youth Stars and new editions of Recovery Stars.

Are they right for us and our service users?

The five statements below can help you begin to decide whether Outcomes Stars are applicable to you. Triangle suggest Stars will be suitable if the following are true about your service:

  • You have an on-going relationship with your service users in which you meet one-to-one on a regular basis
  • You want to measure outcomes as an integral part of the on-going work of your organisation rather than through occasional research
  • You want to measure progress on all or most of the areas in the Star
  • You want to measure distance travelled towards end outcomes rather than just whether or not an end outcome has been achieved
  • You want to use the data in an on-going way for learning and service-improvement.

What are the benefits?

Outcomes Stars are used by over 1000 organisations around the globe and 86% of users report that their keywork is more effective as a result. Triangle explain that a key reason for the Stars popularity is that it ‘works on many different levels and meets the needs of many different stakeholders involved with frontline services’ including service users, keyworkers, managers and commissioners and funders.

“The process of positive change can be a bit like hair growing: you can’t see it happening to yourself, but it is often noticed by others. The Star helps clients see and measure their progress and that gives them a real boost. They are so proud of what they have achieved, they put their Star up on their fridge door where everyone can see it!”

– St. Christopher’s, Homelessness Star, CEO


There are a wide range of case studies from organisations across various sectors which can give you a more detailed insight into the difference Outcomes Stars can make.

Choosing your Star

You can search the Stars that are available for your sector from Adult Care to Health or Employment to name a few. And you can also refer to the helpful Choosing Which Outcomes Star Guide for further advice. You’ll need to purchase annual licences on a per user basis, from Triangle to use Outcomes Stars. Tell Triangle you wish to use Outcomes Stars in Lamplight and they will arrange the appropriate licences for you (if you are already an Outcomes Stars user, your new licences will be a replacement, not on top of, your existing licences), and once these are purchased, we can enable Outcomes Stars in Lamplight for you meaning that your Outcomes Star data can be entered and stored together with the rest of your data, making reporting and analysis both comprehensive and straightforward. If you are new to Outcomes Stars you can contact Triangle to discuss your requirements and arrange licences and training.

Notify your contact at triangle and they will confirm your contract with us.

We will enable Outcomes Stars in Lamplight.

Your Outcomes Stars are securely saved, editable and reportable through Lamplight.

Full data entry is achievable in Lamplight

  • Adding notes to Star score
  • Creating an Action Plan
  • Printing the Stars if paper copies are required
  • Analysing change per person
  • Combined reporting with activity, time spent and impact per person
  • Aggregate reporting for management teams