Introducing Lamplight – Group Demonstration

lots of computers around a shared desk, watching the Lamplight webinar

Do you know a small or new charity that could benefit from Lamplight?

Thinking about moving to a database can seem daunting, so we’re holding FREE Group demonstrations of the Lamplight Core System.

The first of these will be on the 25th January at 12pm.

There is no pressure to participate – you can turn up and turn your camera off if you’re having lunch! – but there will be time for questions.

We’ll focus on the Core System and the Express setup, which is the best way for a small or new to get a digital system in place at the lowest cost.

If you know anyone in a charity that’s thinking about their systems, or you know they are struggling a bit, please pass this on to them.

Anyone’s welcome to join us at 12pm on the 25th January here:

Please feel free to send this link to your friends so they can join in.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash