Lamplight updates 20th June

There have been some updates overnight on the 19th/20th June which have caused problems for some users. We’ve carried out further updates this morning and believe that these are now resolved. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

One of the issues was related to some over-zealous application of ‘my user’ restrictions, preventing admins from accessing existing activity records that they should have been able to access.

We have also tightened up the file upload restrictions. For a long time there has been a list of allowed files and file types that can be uploaded to Lamplight. The latest update tightened these, to make sure that the file extension (e.g. ‘.pdf’) matches the file contents. There are also stronger restrictions on files that may contain malicious contents. We will be continuing to strengthen these over the coming days, to include anti-malware scans on uploaded files.

Some files will not by default be able to be uploaded, including .zip files, .html files, .xml files, and encrypted/password protected files. These have been blocked because they can present security issues where one member of staff can upload a malicious file that could attack a colleague and try and steal their login credentials or something similar. System administrators can allow these file types if required in Global Settings > Security, but if you don’t need them we recommend you leave them blocked.

Global settings controls for file uploads

Lastly there were some issues caused this morning by updates to underlying software components (i.e. used by but not written by Lamplight) that had some unexpected side effects.

Again, we’re sorry for this disruption this morning. We updated as quickly as possible this morning and think everything is now running correctly. Please raise any on-going issues in the Hub as usual if you’re still seeing any problems.