Meet Our New Team Members

We’re delighted to introduce seven new members of the Lamplight team who join us to support you, and more vital charities like you, as you reach those who need you most.

We always have and always will take great inspiration from the impact you have on society by making people’s lives better and campaigning for positive change. This is what drives us to continue to deliver a truly customer-centred, collaborative service which is made possible by our dedicated team which we’re excited to say is expanding.

It’s with diverse experience, high motivation, and genuine passion that our new team members join Lamplight and at such a crucial time when demand for the incredible services of the third sector continues to rise.

Heather joins our Community Team as Head of Community and will be harnessing the excellent work of the whole Lamplight team to keep our customers getting the most out of their systems and their experience within the Lamplight community at large:

‘In the time since joining the team, the pressures which charities face in having to balance evidencing their impact with helping those in need has come sharply into focus. I’m excited for the expansion of the Lamplight team as it means we can strengthen the service we offer to all the charities who choose Lamplight. We’re thrilled that Lamplight has succeeded on the strength of the personal recommendations from customers who trust us and together we’re looking forward to reaching even more charities in the future.’

Our Community Team also includes our Community Builders who provide ongoing, front-line help to our customers so that they are supported in their use of Lamplight and can maximise the difference it makes to their organisation. Usman joins us as a Community Builder and is pleased to be bringing his wealth of experience to Lamplight which he describes as ‘unique’ in its approach to team-wide communication and shared vision. This high level of cross-team interaction really focuses the whole team on together achieving the highest quality of service for our customers.

Our Implementer Team is growing too with four new Implementer and Training members of staff who are working with charities to ensure they get the Lamplight system that is right for them. It’s through this process and the delivery of excellent training that Richie, Hannah, Sarah, and Emma will be guiding our customers as they evolve with Lamplight.

Richie joins us from a background of management in the charity sector and shared with us how his experiences will impact his work here at Lamplight:

‘When you are working so hard to try and make an impact, anything that can make your job easier and highlight the great work that you do is invaluable. With a background in the charity sector myself it’s inspiring to see the change that our customers are making through their work and how Lamplight can support that.’

Hannah has first-hand experience of transitioning to a new digital system as a system-user and understands the challenges that this can bring. Hannah is looking forward to helping make this process as ‘simple, straight forward and stress free as possible’ for charities introducing Lamplight to their organisation.

We believe that every charity has the right to be able to access the skills and tools needed to reap the benefits of having purposeful data which can help shape and develop their services. Ellen shared with us how her new role of Marketing and Communications Manager will support this aim:

‘Lamplight is empowering hundreds of charities to harness the power of data for good and we are aspirational in our purpose of reaching many more. We want to share the benefits that Lamplight brings to charities and help to enhance the hugely varied and important support they bring to those who need them most.’

We look forward to you meeting our new team members and will be announcing lots of exciting new developments from webinars to resource hubs and networking opportunities soon! You can find out more about all of our new members of staff in their bios on our About Us page.