My User restrictions; Reporting zoom call

Update to ‘My User’ restrictions on activity records

We’ve updated Lamplight to make it clearer how Lamplight restricts access to activity records when you’re using the ‘my user’ restriction on profiles. System administrators may want to review global settings > security to check the restrictions.

There was previously some ambiguity about whether an activity record should be visible when an operator had access to some but not all of the profiles listed on it. This has now changed, so that an operator will now see records only if all the profiles are accessible (including the operator themselves).

There are some options to control exactly how this works in global settings, so we suggest system administrators do review these.

Come and See – Reporting Codesets – modifying your data for particular reports

A number of customers are starting to need to produce Mental Health Service Data System (MHS DS) reports, which require data in a particular structure, and also particular formats. For example, you have have to report a gender of ‘female’ as ’01’ and ‘male’ as ’02’. You obviously don’t want to have to enter data like that, so you need to be able to transform the data held in Lamplight into the formats and structures required.

So we’ve been working on ‘Report CodeSets’ and some related functionality that will allow you to do this. You define the transformations you need, and then use the Codeset alongside a group and data view.

This is still a work in progress and not generally available while we learn with a few customers that need this. But we think it’s going to be pretty useful for lots of customers even if you’re not required to do MHS DS – have you ever come across different funders with different ethnicity categorisations, for example?

We’re holding a Zoom call on Wednesday where we’ll show where we’ve got to so far, talk about what more we’d like to add, and hear from you how you might use it and whether you’d need anything more. The call’s at Wednesday 26th May at 10 – 11 a.m. BST – if you’d like to join, just drop us a line. After the session attendees will be able to try out codesets in their own system if they’d like to.