NEW: Training Credits

We are changing the way that we charge for training. Instead of charging different prices for different types of course, we are introducing Training Credits. You can then use those to book on to all the different types of training we offer.

A place on a bitesize course will be 1 credit; individual tutorials 2 credits; a team session three credits; and a full day online reporting course four credits. You’ll also be able to use them for the other training that’s available.

Existing bookings won’t be affected. If you have bitesize places on your account that came with your implementation, they will be converted into Training Credits automatically at a 1:1 rate (ie one bitesize place = 1 Training Credit) but you’ll be able to use them more flexibly.

You’ll be able to buy single credits as and when you need them, or you can buy packs of 10 or 20 credits which can be used by your team members when they book (and which bag you a discount). Credits do not expire.

We’ll automatically assign any credits on your account to the training places you book, and raise an invoice for more if needed. Single credits will cost £75 + VAT, 10-packs cost £700 + VAT and and 20-pack will cost £1,350 + VAT. You will be able to purchase Credits in the Hub, in the same way that you can buy Support Packs at the moment.

We think this change will be simpler to understand and administer, and give you much more flexibility when planning your training.

And of course there’s still lots of free webinars, videos and help in the Hub that you can access whenever you need to.