Organise your Lists And Data Views

So it seems that some of you have a lot of lists (aka groups) in your system and they are a bit of a pain to keep a track of. So some good news: tagging.

You can create a list of colour coded tags and attach them to lists and data views. And there’s a new ‘filter’ pane that lets you do free-text searches and filter by your tags.

Step 1: Create some Tags

System Administrators: go to admin > system admin and click ‘Tag Categories’ in the new section:

Tag categories section in system admin

Click the ‘add new tag’ button, enter the text and colour. Save all changes when you’re done. (We’ve limited creation of tags to system admins so that tags didn’t become like groups and end up needing a tag-tagging system of their own!). Then in your views of lists (groups) and data views the popup menu has a ‘Tag item’ option.

Step 2: Use them

How to tag: right click, hover over ‘Tag item’ and select the tags you need.

To filter, open the new ‘Filter’ bar and search by text (in name, description and criteria) and/or tags.