Outcome Reports: not just for funders

It’s always lovely to revisit a Lamplighter who has been using the system for a little while and going to Brighton for a training day with Family Support Work was no different. Their services and therefore their team has expanded and so new team members needed training on Lamplight.

The afternoon session had an added dimension as some of their team, who are already familiar with data entry in Lamplight, joined the training. The conversation naturally went to talking about the existing data in the system.

Family Support Work are an organisation committed to measuring impact. They use Lamplight to record the impact and track the change and the journeys of the families they work with over time.

On the training day I was able to show them both how to view the outcomes per family and client, and also the reporting over many clients. We identified the percentage of people in their deanery area who have seen positive change in their physical health. We looked at the average days to see one point of positive change and how much time invested in families was therefore needed. And this was just the beginning.

It highlighted to them the usefulness of completing the outcomes to support their families, as well as the potential in proving their impact to themselves and others.

It highlighted to me, that running in-house reports can be quick and easy to achieve in Lamplight and importantly can have massive benefit to staff to encourage them in the work they do.

If you’re interested in doing this for your own team, please talk to us about setting up report templates to make this process more efficient.



(Images used are from a demo site)