Partner Programme

Word of mouth is important

Choosing a new system can have significant implications for an organisation. Many of our
new customers start using Lamplight because they have been told about it by a colleague
at another organisation. This means a lot to us and so we have set up the Partner
Programme. We want to say thank you when you do suggest Lamplight.

How it works

For every organisation that signs up to Lamplight for three months or more on your
recommendation we will make a one-off credit to your account to say thank you.
Credit will be twice the monthly hosting fee of the new sign up – a minimum of £30.
Payments will be made three months after they sign up, by bank transfer, and we’ll send you
a regular account showing payments due and made.

Principles of the Partner Programme

Word of mouth only means something if it is free and honest. We believe the following
principles are vital to the programme.


We, and you, will be completely open about the Partner Programme.

No exclusivity

We realise that Lamplight may not be right for everyone. We don’t want to stop you from suggesting whatever system you think best in the circumstances – whether that’s Lamplight or not.

No requirements

We don’t expect or require you to do anything at all – whether
and how you suggest Lamplight is up to you.

What we’ll do

We will send you a simple legal agreement and we’ll need your bank details so that we can
make payments to you. We will keep you informed of developments at Lamplight, and
provide you with a demo account login or telephone walk-through if you’ve got any
questions about the system.

You can download our partner pack here.