Within Lamplight it is possible to separate out your data so that records in one project are not visible in another.  It’s almost like having completely separate databases, except that if you have the right permissions, you can run reports across several projects, and share particular records across projects.

Most of our customers only have and need one project.  The scenarios in which projects become useful are:

  1. You have lots of offices, and there’s no (or not much) cross-over between one office and the next.  Staff in one office don’t need to share information with the other, for the most part.
  2. You have particularly sensitive services, and you don’t want information about one service being shared with the others.  One example we had was a youth organisation with a sexual health service.
  3. You are a partnership of organisations and want separate systems but with the ability to share some information with other partners.

We charge on the basis of projects: our costs are given per month per project.  So if you have the core system and communications module (which is £20/month/project) and 3 projects, the total monthly cost would be £60 + VAT.