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Convert your data quickly and accurately with the new CodeSets Module

If you’re one of the hundreds of organisations using MHS Data Sets for your NHS reporting, you will know how long it can take to do manually. It’s time consuming and adds another step to your already busy reporting cycles. This is also true for those who need data banded together for other reports, such as by age brackets or boroughs, (or for other NHS data sets such as Community Services, Maternity, IAPT).

CodeSets example 1

‘Before Lamplight I used excel, it took a lot of hours. Doing it manually could take a whole working day. Now it takes an hour and that’s being generous.’ – Chilypep

How can CodeSets help?

The new CodeSets module changes how you see your data without changing your data. This means you can record your data according to your usual processes, and produce reports your partners or funders require. The coding is achieved automatically with the click of a button, saving you hours.

This cuts out the need to chase up data from colleagues or to collate data on to a single spreadsheet before coding even begins. Instead, the data you need is ready within Lamplight and will be coded automatically.

Using Lamplight’s Code Set module is straightforward and enables more members of staff to be able to run the reports you need in busy periods or at times when key staff are absent or on annual leave.

CodeSets example 2

‘[Before Lamplight] a lot of work was going on behind the scenes to chase up the information needed. It was a drudge to chase up and to put the data into a single spreadsheet. I had to do a lot of work to get it into the right format. I can now get it done in an hour.’ – ARC Counselling

‘The CodeSets module means others could do it in my absence, if I am away or on holiday then with a few clicks the report can go ahead.’ – Chilypep

How do I switch on CodeSets?

If you’re a Lamplight customer, any system admin can switch on the module from within your system.

You’ll need to have a good understanding of Lists, Data Views, Templates and Activity Views. You can also arrange a support session where we’ll be happy to take you through the set up. Send us a message in the Hub or contact

‘It’s much, much improved to the manual version… That was a nightmare!’ – ARC Counselling

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If you're using excel to manipulate lots of data, or spending too much time reporting, CodeSets could help.
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