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You handle a lot of information and having a system that mirrors your service means you can leave behind the limitations of disjointed data. Whatever your current data skills and starting points, we’ll get you there.

 Your commitment to the build affects the length of this process, but we work with you along the following timeline to provide you with a system that’s tailored to you.

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Working Together
Your Journey
Continued Support

After initial set up and training you will continue to access support from our Community Team, our support Hub and the option of further training.

Lamplight invested the time to understand our organisation and requirements, resulting in the organisation working more efficiently.’

— Safe Foundation

‘Lamplight has become a connector for all of our work. Pulling it all together in the system gives a great overview of everything we do.’

— Birmingham Disability Resource Centre

We have really benefited from your approach and expertise – the combination of individual support in the early stages and helping all the team with the ‘building’ of this new system helped us get so much more from the implementation and training and made the whole process flow. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
We are a small charity with very part time staff, so everything takes a little longer to work through. [Lamplight] was happy to go at our pace and was friendly and supportive throughout.
Cornwall Mind