System Update 5/10/21 – Mobile, Fonts & Fixes

Improvements on small screens

We’ve made some small changes to the layout on smaller screens (phones and smaller tablets). Form items now align to the width of the screen, so there’s less sideways scrolling. Tables also switch, so that columns become rows, again to fit to the width of a smaller screen. You can create work records directly from diaries too now.

New font choice including Open Dyslexia font

At the foot of the screen you’ve been able to change font sizes for a while: you can now also select a font too, including the Open Dyslexia font that has been designed to be easier to read for people with dyslexia – find out more at

Tweaks and fixes

  • you’ll see the profile type (person, organisation etc.) and role (user, staff etc) next to profile names
  • the ‘add to group’ in profiles is back for manual groups (it wasn’t showing if you didn’t have the waiting list module)
  • activity records using deleted workareas will display the workarea when viewing the records in tables
  • two-tier custom fields can be used as filters
  • data direct records save sub-workareas for new campaigns
  • saved table layout used when viewing details of a data direct campaign
  • removing categories on media items save
  • an issue creating charging module rules has been fixed