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We all need a little help sometimes.  Lamplight comes with a range of support options to help you find your way.

Online help manual

Lamplight comes with a comprehensive online help system, with over 230 fully searchable pages with screenshots.  The online help is customised to you, so that the language used is the same as in your system.  You can also download the entire manual as a word document from the help pages in your Lamplight system.

Online videos

We have a selection of How-To videos to help with specific tasks in Lamplight, such as filtering records and adding an email signature.


We have PDF guides to help customers learn different aspects of Lamplight. They are handy for system administrators when they’re looking maintaining and making changes to Lamplight, as well as for those who are setting up new projects and modules.

Ad hoc support

We like to hear from our customers and we don’t want you getting frustrated, so we’d always prefer you to drop us an email or pick up the phone if you get stuck. Our hosting fee includes technical support, so if you’ve found a  bug or error on our part we will fix it as quickly as we can. However, sometimes you need a bit of a helping hand with your database: setting up reports, adding new operators or creating groups. You’ll appreciate that to keep our prices really low we need to agree an amount of paid-for support for any on-going or significant amounts of help.

Support packs – £80 + VAT for 2 hours

We’ve put together a support package so you can contact us with those queries when you need to, and you’ll know exactly what the cost is going to be.  Support is sold in 2 hour bundles, and Lamplight records the length of any calls and the time it takes to address your queries. This will be deducted from your total until you’ve used all the allocated time. Support can be offered over the phone, by email or as a Google hangout, and your time rolls over from year to year as long as you have an account with us.

You can use these support credits in a variety of ways:

  • to resolve a high number of general support issues
  • 1:1 training on the phone with Lamplight to cover topics of your choice
  • support with reporting, setting up groups, lists and data views
  • spring cleaning your system with a health check. With your permission we will log in to your system and review your usage, run some diagnostic reports, and discuss our findings with you.
System Refresh – £540 + VAT

We sometimes chat to customers who have been using Lamplight for a little while who feel that due to staff, service and/or funder changes, the system needs updating to suit how they work now. Our System Refresh is suited to organisations who would like a detailed discussion about how they are using Lamplight, and potentially require changes to the structure of the system while considering the current data already held there.

The System Refresh includes a discussion of your Lamplight issues, analysis of current system usage, a questionnaire sent to your staff team (as and where appropriate), followed by a report with recommendations on how to make improvements. We will then help you to make agreed changes to your system. Once these changes have been made, the System Refresh also includes a follow-up phone call to check on how things are progressing.