Tweet saying "there are very few things as satisfying than running a report on your database. Thanks @Lamplightdb for making it easy"

Do you need training? Is it worth it?


Rusel was very pleasant and helpful – I now have a much better understanding of the reporting system – thanks!

Really useful tips along the way, time saving tips extremely helpful

Brilliant bespoke session, fully met our needs, wish we had done it sooner!

With your Lamplight database customised to your specific needs, we do recommend that you take up one of our training options.

There are also a range of support options available to help you day-to-day.


Along with the range of free resources available at anytime directly through your system including full written guidance, videos and invites to free webinars, we also provide a range of training options.

Most weeks there’s at least one training session or free webinar available, and often several, so you can be confident you can access the training you need, when you need it.


Free New Starter Webinar

An introduction to Lamplight for new staff starting at your organisation. These webinars happen monthly and new system users are invited to attend when you create their login. They happen monthly and are an ideal part of your induction programme for new staff and volunteers.


Bitesize Online Training 

Bitesize Training sessions are a 2-hour training sessions run on a specific topic. It’s an opportunity to learn one aspect of Lamplight whilst meeting other organisations using Lamplight and to build your Lamplight community.
Each bitesize training session

  • is for 2 hours
  • takes place on Zoom
  • will be for up to 4 people. They will be from a mix of organisations
  • comes with a 30-minute support call on your own system after the session

The current topics are:

  • Groups/Lists and data views level 1: using profile information
  • Groups/Lists and data views level 2: using activity records information
  • Statistical Reporting

All training is listed in the Hub withing your system and you can book on it there.


Record Reporting Course

Our Record Reporting Course allows for a full-day, deep dive which equips you with the skills you need to run your reports with confidence.

The course runs from 10am to 4pm over Zoom, with organisations from across the sector and there will be time to discover independently, time to reflect, opportunities to actively participate and scope to create important connections with fellow participants. We’ll consider a variety of reporting scenarios from query searches to statistical reports to enhance your repertoire and reinforce your confidence.

By looking at the process in depth, you’ll achieve greater understanding of where in Lamplight you will find the answers that you need. Equipped with the knowledge you’ll learn across a full day, you will enjoy the benefit of having an effective record reporting process that is fully adaptable to the evolving needs of your organisation.

Bespoke Individual Tutorial

We recognise that sometimes people learn best on their own, rather than in a group situation.  We’re happy to provide Individual Tutorials that would be tailored to one person. The session would reflect how they need to use the system, their processes and provide learning at their speed.

These sessions are for 2 hours of 1:1 online training via Zoom. If it’s more appropriate/accessible for the individual, we’re also happy to split it up into shorter sessions.


Bespoke Team Training Session

Our bespoke training session provides a customised session for your team, on your system and is prepared specifically for your learning requirements. This means that the team are trained securely on the system that they use. We provide learning hand-on as we interactively share screens and controls.

Each session is for 2 hours and for up to 4 members of staff on Zoom.

All training details and how to book can be done via your own Lamplight system Hub.


Is it worthwhile?

Here’s what some participants have said:

‘Really gave me a good insight into how to get the information out that I needed. Time is so valuable the training day will help me save time on a daily basis – thank you.’

Participant on Reporting training

‘Thanks for the excellent training session on Monday. I thought it was spot on. My colleagues and I just spent a good 20 mins discussing how great Lamplight is and how useful and flexible it is. They have both done the training before and were sharing how impactful it had been.’

Participant on Reporting training

Customer feedback on on-site training:

“Thank you for a really helpful session today. It was very well prepared and paced and I look forward to putting it into practice.”

“Thanks so much again for coming and delivering the training last week. Everyone got a lot out of it and has fed back how useful the training was”