With your Lamplight database customised to your specific needs, we do recommend that you take up one of our training options.
2 Hour Remote Training Package – £80 + VAT

Would you like training on a specific area of Lamplight? We offer 2-hour remote sessions via Zoom video conferencing or by phone. It is one to one training, so you can learn on your own system in the comfort of your office, and at your own pace. You choose what you need to cover and at what level. If you don’t want to use the whole two hours in one go you can split it up into shorter sessions.

Popular training areas include:
– Basic data entry
– Reporting
– System administration

For more information, just drop us a line.

Bitesize Online Training – £40 + VAT

We’ve been putting together a number of online training courses using Zoom video conferencing, which are taking the place of our open training days. This has the added advantage that we can offer you a wider selection of topics, and we will be adding more over the coming weeks. Each training course:
– Lasts 2 hours.
– Will be for up to 4 people. They will be from a mix of organisations, just like our open training.
– Costs £40 + VAT per person.
– Comes with half an hour training support on your own system after the session.

If you have already paid for a place on an open training day, as part of your setup package for example, this is equivalent to a 4 places. You can decide how you’d like to use them – 4 members of staff on the same course, or one person on 4 different ones, for example.

Our first courses are ready to go, and together cover the previous content of a reporting open training day. They are:
– Reports.
– Basic groups (lists) and data views.
– Advanced groups (lists) and data views.
– Report troubleshooting.

We have a more detailed outline for each of these courses, as well as some advice on deciding which course you need.

To book a training place or find out more, please contact us.

Participant feedback on open training

‘Really gave me a good insight into how to get the information out that I needed. Time is so valuable the training day will help me save time on a daily basis – thank you.’

Participant on Reporting training, February 2019

‘Thanks for the excellent training session on Monday. I thought it was spot on. My colleagues and I just spent a good 20 mins discussing how great Lamplight is and how useful and flexible it is. They have both done the training before and were sharing how impactful it had been.’

Participant on Reporting training, January 2018

Bespoke Team Training – £825 +VAT

We are delighted to offer this training in place of our on-site training which is on hold due to the COVID-19 situation. You and your team receive 6 x 2 hour sessions via Zoom video conferencing. Each session is for up to 4 participants, and is prepared specifically for your system and training requirements. This means that your team is trained securely on the system that they use. You interactively share screens and controls, learning hands-on.

For more information, contact us:

Customer feedback on on-site training:

“Thank you for a really helpful session today. It was very well prepared and paced and I look forward to putting it into practice.”

“Thanks so much again for coming and delivering the training last week. Everyone got a lot out of it and has fed back how useful the training was”