Update on colour schemes

We updated the colour schemes slightly in Lamplight this week, for two reasons. The first is to improve the visual accessibility of Lamplight. Some of the colour contrasts made it harder for some to read. We wanted to fix that.

The second was to support “dark mode”. Some people prefer a darker screen with white or light text, rather than dark on light. The changes detect whether you have dark mode turned on on your system, and enable it in Lamplight automatically.

There’s a third benefit which will come soon. In making these changes we’ve laid the ground for your own colour schemes. In addition to the built-in ones you’ll be able to choose your own primary colours and then use them in personal settings. We hope this will be available in the next few days.

We’re sorry there have been some bumps in making these changes. One of the things we’ve learned is just how different the same colour can appear on different monitors. Further updates over the last 36 hours have hopefully resolved most of these. We’re also grateful for the positive feedback we’ve had, especially that from organisations working with people with visual impairments.

If you do like the original green colours, we’ve added a ‘legacy green’ colour scheme that keeps the original greens, although there are some other small changes that we can’t now revert.

If you want to try it (or turn it off), how to enable dark mode varies depending on your browser. In Microsoft Edge you change it main settings. In Chrome you need to change operating system settings. In Firefox you can use a dark theme.

Bright paint colours and brushes

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash