Case reporting, and talking to Lamplight

There have been a couple of updates in the last few days.

The first to the case report updates the calculations on how many cases were open and closed during the reporting period, when grouping the results by e.g. case category. We had realised that these figures could be incorrect, depending on the grouping and date treatment. We have also updated the labels on the table to make it clearer what the figures mean.

We’ve also enabled an option to allow you talk to Lamplight. If you use Chrome, it has built-in dictation, and so you can now talk to Lamplight to write your work records or other text.

This is enabled overall in the ‘security’ tab of global settings. It’s there because you may have privacy concerns about this: Google will receive the audio of what you say in order to turn it into text. You can check their privacy policy at – you’ll need to decide if you are happy to enable this. Once you have, when you click on a text box you’ll get a request to access your microphone: if you say yes, you’ll be able to dictate, and after each pause the text will appear in the box. You only need to allow access once on a particular browser, and you can revoke it at any time.