Trying a 9 day fortnight

At Lamplight we’ve always embraced flexible working, and may of us work patterns that work best for us. From May we’re taking that a step further a trialling a 9-day fortnight, which we hope is a stepping stone towards a 4 day week.

As a team there will also be plenty of us around – we’re staggering the days over the fortnight so there will always be people available. But if you’re contacting someone specific there’s a chance you won’t get a response immediately.

The evidence from elsewhere is that the 4-day week is good for everyone – staff wellbeing increases but so does energy and productivity at work. We don’t expect to do less, we’re expecting to do it better.

Is this something you’ve tried? Or are thinking about? We’d love to hear any experiences you’ve had – we know some charities are considering it at the moment.