System updates 26/4/2023

We know there have been a few times recently when you may have been unceremoniously logged out. This has been down to some sudden large influxes of traffic that clog up the systems that manage logins and identity.

We’ve been making changes to these to try and improve things, and a further set of changes went live last night. We’re continuing to monitor and hope that they will help and reduce the likelihood of issues. We’re sorry if you have been affected recently.

A few other changes went live last night:

  • Editing a record on the diary will open up in a popup style panel, with the diary behind. This makes it much easier if you’re updating records in the diary – there’s less navigation after saving changes.
  • You can add an activity record to a case (your terminology may vary) as you create the activity. In a profile, you’ll see a drop down of cases that have been created in that profile. Elsewhere you’ll see a search box that you can search for cases in the same way that you do in other places – start typing the case name or ID and it’ll show up. We think this will streamline things for some of you.
  • Custom attendance fields of type checkbox will now save data properly