Enhance Programme Details

We’ve been working with the Lloyds Bank Foundation through their  Enhance Programme since early 2015. In that time they have provided funding for over 132 different charities to set up, train in and use Lamplight as their new case management and outcomes monitoring database.

Lamplight is an online system which is easy to use, flexible, and secure. It is designed with day-to-day tasks in mind, letting you keep details of people and the work that you do with them in one place, right from your first contact with them. You can report on your work whenever it suits you, giving you real-time information at your fingertips.

What our Enhance customers say

 Women Acting in Today’s Society

“the database has transformed the organisation and every single staff member has commented on how much easier it has made their job, freeing them up to spend more time with their clients”

 The Bond Board

“Lamplight has provided our staff with easier access to information and made it easier for us to monitor the services we provide and the impact we have”

The Hinge Centre

“We now have a central, efficient database system which is utilised by all our projects and can be accessed remotely regardless of where the team is based. We are now pretty much a paperless office and have an effective and consistent tool for recording and reporting on outcomes to different funders.”

What will the Enhance package give me?

The Enhance Programme is only accessible by referral from your Grant Manager, please speak to them directly if you have any initial questions.

If you then decide that Lamplight would work well for you, you will get support to set up your system and training in it. This consists of:

               > Implementation Support
  • You will be allocated a dedicated member of our Lamplight team who will be in charge of setting up your system. This will be carried out via email, telephone and Zoom meetings (site visits might be possible in certain circumstances) to better understand how you work and your report requirements. From day one we will develop a project plan with you and your project team, including timescales that match your capacity and target dates. We use a workbook as part of a two-way process where we discuss the data you want to capture, the work flow of your team and reporting needs. This gives us the information we need to build and personalise the system to reflect your organisation’s requirements. After we have built the system we will share it with you and give you time to feed back to us on how it works for you.
                > Training
  • Data Entry and Basic Usage Training. Once the system is ready we will run 6 Zoom sessions. Each session is 2 hours in length and enables 4 people to attend. It will cover data entry and an introduction to reporting and will be carried out on your own system and electronic versions of bespoke training materials will be provided.
  • Reporting Training. You have 4 places on our bitesize training sessions to learn how to report and analyse the data captured in your system. These are group sessions held on Zoom.
               > Post-Implementation Support
  • We’ll provide a handover document with details about your system, reporting, and links to additional support and training (written materials and videos).
  • Your implementer will arrange a time to contact you immediately after you go-live and then again within 3 months.
  • You will have access to our community team, with a 3 hour support pack so that you can ask questions on whatever topics you need as they arise.
               > 12 month hosting fees
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation will fund the first 12 months’ hosting fees for Lamplight.

Areas to consider

The investment in time is the main initial expense for any organisation. The time required to work with us to set up your database will depend on how you currently store data, and the extent to which you will have to review your monitoring tools and reporting needs.

From our feedback and experience, in the initial stages of consultation, people allowed 3-4 hours on average per week on the project. Identifying a project team who have this capacity will be a big step towards successful implementation. The average amount of time that an organisation with an Enhance package takes to set up Lamplight is 4-6 months.

Functionality within the system

All customers have our core system, which is the basis of Lamplight. This allows you to track the people/organisations you’re working and come into contact with, the referral process, the activities/sessions/work that you do and the impact that you are making over time. Reports can be presented in many ways, for example by the demographics that you hold, or information about who has funded different projects.

Sometimes this is enough as an initial starting point…but for others this leaves gaps in the information that they want to capture and report on. Our modules can help with this. For example:

  1. Communicating with beneficiaries/supporters – via MailChimp, email and personalised mailings.
  2. Managing waiting lists.
  3. Gathering and reporting on surveys and feedback forms.
  4. Helping to match people together (for example clients and befrienders, young people and mentors).
  5. Uploading documents for reference (e.g. referral forms) and storing evidence (e.g. photos for a case study).
  6. Invoicing people for attending sessions/events.
  7. Tracking expenses incurred in running activities.
  8. Capturing detailed information on the staff team and timesheet data.
  9. Linking Lamplight with your website to advertise events and receive referrals.

If you’re looking to use Lamplight for your Outcome monitoring, you’ll have the option of using your own bespoke measures in Lamplight, or if you want to adopt an existing framework they can be enabled in Lamplight (with appropriate licenses). We partner with Triangle Outcome Star, so if you use or are looking to use Outcome Stars in Lamplight they can be enabled so that all your information is stored in one place.

What now?

Please contact your Grant Manager if you’ve any questions about the Enhance package.

If you’re interested in exploring Lamplight further, please contact us for a demo.

A referral from Lloyds Bank Foundation doesn’t commit you to anything.  We want you to have the chance to see our demo system, ask us questions, and get a sense of what’ll be involved for you.  If you like it, that’s great, and if you decide that it’s not for you, that’s fine too.