New change to asking support questions in the Hub

From today, the way you ask Lamplight support questions will be from the Hub directly.

What changes are being made?

We’ll be gradually moving away from our current system (third party software called Zoho) and into Lamplight over the coming days and weeks. This means that you won’t now be able to ask or respond to questions directly by email.

Click ‘Your questions’ on the main Hub menu and you’ll see all the current questions you’ve asked (from today), and any responses. The rest of your team can access these questions and add information. You’ll receive a no-reply email notification when we add a response.

Why is the way you submit support questions changing?

The main reason for the change is so you can see your questions and responses at any time, giving you more control over your support. Any questions your organisation asks Lamplight via the Hub will be visible to you and the rest of your team. If someone in your team has previously raised an issue, you will all be able to access the answer in the same area.

Another reason for this change is so that we can be more transparent about how Support Pack time is used. Each question will show how much time we’ve spent, to the minute, and you’ll be able to see a full breakdown.

What impact will this have?

To get started we’ve added 30 minutes support time to all customers. If you do not yet see these 30 minutes, or any existing purchased support time – don’t panic. We’re still working our way through the update.

Any time that you have left available from your implementation package will be included, along with any current support pack purchases.

If you’re a system administrator, there will be the option to purchase support packs whilst you’re in contact with our team when you need to. But of course any bug reports or similar questions won’t reduce your support time balance.