Update to Personal Support Pack Charges as of 1st June 2022

Charges for Personalised Support Packs

We offer a range of different training options at Lamplight. Your implementer will explain what support you are entitled to as part of your implementation package. During this time we allocate 3 hours free support* to your organisation’s account in order to ensure you’re settled into your new system. When questions are answered by our team, and time taken is tracked internally, this allocated time will be deducted from your balance. Subsequent support packs will be required to be purchased once this support runs out as of 1st of June 2022.   

*excludes Wizards.

How to pay for support packs  

They cost £84 (+VAT) for 2 hours and are not time sensitive – meaning you can carry this time over until it is used up.  

If you’re already in touch with us about an issue, we’ll prompt you to purchase a support pack and send you instructions and a link if your balance has been used up. 

You’ll receive an invoice for the support packs to your listed finance contact in your Lamplight system, so it is good practice to ensure these details are up to date. You’ll have 30 days to pay the invoice but do contact us if you require an extension.  

How can I find what support I have remaining?  

Your available support time is logged in your account and we can confirm your balance upon request. When you purchase additional support this will be reflected in your time.   

We have a development forthcoming where you’ll be able to view your balance and any logged support at your convenience in your own system. 

What if my support runs out?  

You’ll receive an automated notice once your support is down to 15 minutes – the average time for a basic question to be resolved – so you’re aware that any future support questions will require the purchase of a support pack.  

We understand that approval is usually required for costs and we’ll be working on your question during this time. We also have a wide range of further support options available:.   

Free Training (Online help manual and videos, New Starter Webinar)

For Individuals (Support packs, Individual tutorials, Bitesize training, Record Reporting Course)

For Teams (Team training packages)

What if my query doesn’t require support, it’s for something else? 

If the issue you report is something at fault with our system, such as a bug, or you have a feature request, this won’t be deducted from your support pack 

If what you’re asking relates to a training need you require help with, or a problem which requires investigation on your system to understand a personal settings problem etc, this will be deducted from your balance. 

Why the change?  

During the pandemic in order to support a high volume of customers, support time was unregulated. We’re returning to our original process in order to better support both our own team and yours, and to keep monthly costs as low as possible for customers. We pride ourselves on keeping these costs realistic for charities and non-profits, and we appreciate your understanding of this.

I have another question about this. How can I contact you? 

Sure! Email our Head of Community at heather@lamplightdb.co.uk